DIY Mushroom

DIY Mushroom

Looking for a great craft? It’s time to make the cute needle felted mushroom. This needle felting tutorial is easy and fun. If you never work with needle felting before or if you are a beginner, this tutorial is very suitable for you.

Tools and materials

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o   Roving wools

a.    White

b.    Red

o   Felting needles (thin and thick)

o   Felting mat

o   Scissor

o   3mm eyes

o   Glue

o   Sewing needle

o   Black thread

o   Pink blush (optional)



Let’s begin with white wools to make the stem for the mushroom. Roll the wool tightly and start poking until it becomes firm with thick or just a regular felting needle.

 After the stem is done, let’s move on to make the cap using red wools.

 Keep adding the bulk with more red wools if needed to make the cap thicker or wider as you want.

This is the size I made.

When both parts are done, let’s assemble or connect them together using a felting needle. Then, you can add the white spots on the cap using white wools and thin felting needle.

Make holes using the tip of the scissor to insert the eyes. Glue the eyes before placing it into the holes.

To put a bright smile on this little creature, I sew with straight stitches to create a neater and better result compared to felting it directly with thin black wools.

It will leave a bad finish at the back but you can fix it by covering it with white wools.

And, the mushroom is done!

DIY Cute Cat

DIY Cute Cat

Whenever I work with clay, I always wonder what animal I should make. After thinking about random animals, I decided to make a DIY cat with air-dry clay. The brand of clay I used is La Doll Premier air dry clay. It’s one of the best brand of clay I’ve ever used.

This DIY project is suitable for you who is interested at sculpting. It doesn’t need special skill to make it. Even a beginner could make this cat. You can also turn it into another animal with the basic thing you’ll learn in this tutorial.

It’s the handmade item you can give to a cat lover. I am sure they will love it. You can also use it as a charm for keychain and other accessories. Without further do, let’s dive in to see the materials needed to make this project.

Tools and materials

o   Air-dry clay (La doll or Premier)

o   Aluminum foil

o   Silicone tool

o   Sanding paper

o   Water

o   Acrylic paints

o   Brushes

o   Sanding paper

o   Varnish

o   Pink blush or soft pastel


Firstly, let’s make the base using aluminum foil. This is great for saving your precious clay. Shape the aluminum foil as shown.

Roll the clay thinly and evenly and cover the aluminum foil with it. Using silicone tool, blend everything to achieve a smooth surface.

Attach some clay on the face to make cheeks. Blend it with the silicone tool.

After you’re done, attach little triangles on the head as the ears and blend the edge using a silicone tool.

 Note: use a bit of water if needed to help the blending easier but don’t overuse it.

Attach some clay on the lower body creating a base for placing the legs. After it’s done, attach the little legs on the base.

Let’s move on to the arms and the tail.

Let the clay dry for a day and sand the surface with fine sanding paper to fix some bumps, uneven surface and so on. Then, paint the entire cat with white acrylic paint.

You can coat or spray with varnish after painting it with white acrylic to preserve the color. Then, you can paint another color on some parts as shown below. I used orange acrylic paint to color it.

Make the eyes, nose and mouth with black acrylic paint. Let’s apply some pink blush on the cheek to make it more adorable. Lastly, you can spray the entire sculpture with varnish to avoid dust, discoloration, and so on.

And… your cat is done!


DIY Dachshund

DIY Dachshund

Are you interested at making stuffed dolls but you don’t have any idea how to make it? You come to the right place because I will share the stuffed dog plush tutorial that you can do it at home.

The fabric I used is minky fabric. It’s an easy fabric to find at store and it’s relatively not expensive. You can also use another fabric. I suggest you to use stretchable fabric.

It’s Dachshund, the dog plush I made. I once had a Dachshund and she reminds and inspires me to make her. I wish to adopt another Dachshund in the future if I have a fixed place to stay. For those of you who love dog like I do, it’s a great tutorial to make this dog plush. It’s also a great gift for your loved ones. I am pretty sure everyone will love this cute thing.

It took me 3 hours to complete the whole thing. It is quite long compared to my teddy bear plush because it’s more complicated. Having basic sewing skill will definitely help to understand this tutorial better. For those of you who never sew before, it’s also possible to make this stuffed dog plush but you need to get familiar with the stitches I used throughout the process, which are back and ladder stitches.

Tools and Materials

o   Minky fabric

o   Pen

o   4mm eyes

o   Scissor

o   Glue

o   Polyester or toy stuffing

o   Black polymer clay for nose

o   Matching thread

o   Sewing needle

o   Pins

o   Soft pastel (dark grey)


DIY Cinderella

DIY Cinderella

Are you a big fan of Disney princess? Is she Cinderella? If yes, I have something special for you, which is a DIY shrink plastic charm. It’s not just a boring and regular charm, it’s one of a kind charm.

The layers of shrink plastic will create a 3D-look of this charm and make it more adorable. It’s super easy to make with the free pattern given to you. This charm can be used for many things such as brooch, fridge magnet, keychain, pendant, and many more. It’s perfect for gifts as well.

Tools and materials

There are two ways to use it:

1. Download and directly print on the printable shrink plastic

2. Download, print on a white paper, trace it on the regular shrink plastic that cannot be printed and color as you like it.

  Shrink plastic (printable is preferable)

o   Sharp scissor

o   Oven

o   Baking paper or silicone mat

o   UV resin

o   Gemstones for embellishment (optional)


 Firstly, download the given pattern above. You can use this pattern as stated above. Mine was colored digitally and printed on the printable shrink plastic.

Then start cutting the pattern with a sharp scissor.

 Place it in the oven, don’t forget to put something like baking paper or silicone mat under the plastic to avoid sticking and other issues.

Note: color the plastic with lighter shades because the color becomes saturated after shrinking!

When every piece has shrunk, let’s assemble them. I used UV resin as a glue to stick each piece together.

Attach the hair, veil, and gloves to the body.

Lastly, attach the hair bun on the back. Then, the Cinderella is ready for the party 😉

DIY Teddy Bear

DIY Teddy Bear

Are you not curious about making your own teddy bear at home? if so, you came to the right place. In this tutorial, you will get the free pattern or template to make it. The pattern is all designed by me through all the trial and errors to create the best pattern of teddy bear for you.

Making a stuffed plush is always interesting for me. The result is always more than what I expected. I believe that even with the same pattern, the final result will never be the same. It’s the uniqueness of doll making.

This teddy bear is perfect for anything from personal collection, birthday, anniversary, Valentine, wedding, and many more that you can name it.

Before jumping to the materials, here are some of my work-in-progress pictures.

With the help of joint discs made of shrink plastic and cotter pin, the teddy bear is able to stand and sit. The head also rotates. Without further do, let’s jump in to see what materials you should gather to make this lovely bear!

Tools and materials

o   Minky fabric

o   Pen or pencil

o   Sewing needles (regular and long)

o   Thread

o   Pins

o   Scissor

o   Felting needle

o   Black wool fibers for the mouth line

o   Black polymer clay for the nose

o   Scissor

o   3mm eyes

o   Glue

o   Cotter pins (5 pcs)

o   Joint discs (5 pcs) – I replace them with shrink plastic

o   Soft pastels (colors: sienna, chocolate)

o   Pink blush or pink soft pastels

o   Brush


Bookmarks with Quotes

Bookmarks with Quotes

If you are a book lover, I am pretty sure that you’re gonna love these cool free printable bookmarks with quotes. It’s not only for personal use, you can also give your loved ones a book with one of these free bookmarks as an extra.

The design is one of a kind, which means you will not find it out there. One set includes four designs of printable bookmarks that will definitely make the reading time more special.

How to use it

Hit the button above and your file will be directly downloaded. I suggest you to print these bookmarks on a good quality paper.