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Binc Bonc

Cute Piggy Plush

Cute Piggy Plush

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Let's make this adorable piggy plush, a perfect sewing project for everyone. 

Tools and Materials

  • minky fabric (soft pink)
  • pen
  • sewing thread (black and soft pink)
  • needle
  • toy stuffing
  • scissor
  • 5mm plastic eyes
  • 2 seed beads (dark colours)


    1. trace the pattern on the minky fabric. Give a space for each piece because you need to add the seam allowances.

    2. add ~0.5 cm seam allowances for each piece and cut it.  (illustration 1 & 2)

    3. let’s start with the body firstly (see the illustration number 3). Start sewing the body with the back stitches along the red dashed lines. When you’re about to finish, turn it inside out and stuffed it with toy stuffing. Lastly, you can close the seam with the ladder or invisible stitches.

    4. let’s sew the arms and ears as shown in the illustration 4. For both parts, you don’t need to stuff it with any toy stuffing.

    5. For the head, let’s begin by sewing along the red dashed line in the illustration 5. Then, you can insert the ears in between the pieces of head and sew along with back stitches like usual. When you’re about to finish, turn it inside out.

    6. You can start stuffing the head with the toy stuffing. Then, let’s attach the nose on the face with ladder stitches as shown in the illustration 5. When you’re about to close the seam, stuff it with little toy stuffing to make a piggy nose. For the nostrils, you can attach it using 2 seed beads, black sewing thread and needle. Lastly, close the seam with the ladder stitches.

    7. When everything is done, you can start attaching the eyes with the black thread and sewing needle. Then, close the seam with ladder stitches. (see illustration 6)

    8. Lastly, you can assemble the head and body using the ladder stitches. Don’t forget to sew it back and front.

    9. For the arms, you can start attaching it on the body using ladder stitches. 

    10. Voila! There you go! 🙂


    ✸ This pattern is designed and copyrighted by Binc Bonc.
    ✸ You can sell the finished product but not in mass production.

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