DIY Penguin

Let’s learn how to make a needle felted penguin. To make this penguin, you need to know the basic needle felting which is to poke the roving wools until it makes the shape you want. This needle felting tutorial is great for beginners or those of you who never work with needle felting before.

The more colors of roving wool you have, the more variations you can make. Let’s find out the materials you need to make this penguin!

Tools & Materials

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o  core wools for the base – Hamanaka Watawata

o    roving wools

a.   dark grey

b.   white

c.    yellow (for beak)

d.   bright orange (feet)

o    felting needles (thin and thick)

o    felting mat

o    scissor

o    glue

o    4mm plastic eyes


Firstly, let’s make the base for the penguin. I used core wools but you can always use roving wools if you don’t have one. Wrap it tightly and start bulking up the body by layering with more wools until desired shape achieved. Use one or two thick felting needles if needed to accelerate the process.


Poke until it becomes firm. This is important.

Then, you can wrap the base with dark grey roving wools. Make sure that the base is all covered.

Colour the front body with white roving wools. I used a thin felting needle for this step to minimize the large pores created if using a thick felting needle. After done, I made holes for inserting the eyes in with the tip of the scissor.

Glue the eyes before inserting it. Then, start making a little beak using yellow wools and thin felting needle. Don’t use thick felting needle to create such a small part like this.

 If the beak is done, let’s make the wings using grey roving wools. Leave the loose fibers on the top edge of the wings. The loose fibers will help you to attach easily on the body.

Let’s make the feet. The step is pretty similar with the wings.

And you’re done!

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