DIY Mushroom

Looking for a great craft? It’s time to make the cute needle felted mushroom. This needle felting tutorial is easy and fun. If you never work with needle felting before or if you are a beginner, this tutorial is very suitable for you.

Tools and materials

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o   Roving wools

a.    White

b.    Red

o   Felting needles (thin and thick)

o   Felting mat

o   Scissor

o   3mm eyes

o   Glue

o   Sewing needle

o   Black thread

o   Pink blush (optional)



Let’s begin with white wools to make the stem for the mushroom. Roll the wool tightly and start poking until it becomes firm with thick or just a regular felting needle.

 After the stem is done, let’s move on to make the cap using red wools.

 Keep adding the bulk with more red wools if needed to make the cap thicker or wider as you want.

This is the size I made.

When both parts are done, let’s assemble or connect them together using a felting needle. Then, you can add the white spots on the cap using white wools and thin felting needle.

Make holes using the tip of the scissor to insert the eyes. Glue the eyes before placing it into the holes.

To put a bright smile on this little creature, I sew with straight stitches to create a neater and better result compared to felting it directly with thin black wools.

It will leave a bad finish at the back but you can fix it by covering it with white wools.

And, the mushroom is done!

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