DIY Kitchen Shadow Box

Let’s make your own kitchen shadow box with the free and adorable illustration you can directly download. It’s a great gift for housewarming and even for special occasions like birthday, mother’s day and for those who enjoy and spend their time a lot in the kitchen.

This illustration was designed manually using watercolour paints. It was my favorite illustration that I am very happy to share with you. You can see the illustration looks more alive because of the 3D effect. Curious enough to know how to make it? Let’s learn together!

Tools & Materials

    • 3D Frame photo (20 x 15 cm) or A5
    • 200 or 220 gsm paper – I use watercolor paper.
    • Printer
    • Scissor
    • Glue
    • EVA foam sheet


First, download and print the illustration on the paper. I used 200 gsm watercolor paper. Then, you can cut each drawing with scissor.

Start by covering the base of the frame with white paper. I use a watercolour paper. You can directly glue the paper or use double-sided tape to attach the paper.

To make a 3D effect for the shadow box, I used EVA foam sheet.

Glue the floor as shown below. Please make sure to glue it neatly. Then, prepare to glue the next furnitures!

For the table, glue the 4 little squares of EVA foam sheet on the back side as shown in the picture. After the glue dries, glue again on the little squares and attach it on the floor (follow the bigger illustration to know where to place each furniture or just randomly place it).

Attach the cake and the piping bag on the table.

Then, place the oven stove! so you can cook and bake :p

While for the picture, utensil holder and the utensils, I don’t use the EVA foam sheet on the back side. So, you can glue it directly.

Attach the frame right above the utensil holder and the picture. You can definitely replace the frame with any image or text you want.

Lastly, attach the EVA mat sheets on the back of the kettle, pot, little smoke puff and the main character, the chubby squirrel who loves to cook.

Then attach the rest as shown in the picture! and it’s done!

Then, put inside the frame! Voila!

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