DIY Frog

Hello! Happy new year for all of you. I sincerely wish you have a good year ahead. It’s my first post in this year and I am very excited to share it with you. It’s another felt project that is very easy and fun to make. 

You can make it anytime you want with the free pattern I made just for you. It’s a one of a kind pattern that you won’t find anywhere. Just hit the download button below, prepare the materials needed and you’re ready!

This frog felt plush is suitable for so many applications such as keychain, nursery mobile, home decor, hanging ornament, and many more. It’s also a perfect craft for a school activity. If you want to make another animal from felts, feel free to search it from my other posts. So, without further do, let’s keep reading to find out the materials needed and the instructions for making this adorable frog 🙂 enjoy!

 Tools and Materials

o    Felts

  • Green

  • Ivory

  • White

  • Black

o    Pins

 o    Scissor

o    Sewing needles

o    Matching thread

o    Toy stuffing

o    Blush (optional)


Download, print and cut the pattern.                 

Trace the pattern on the green and ivory felts and cut it.

For the eyes, I cut the eye from the pattern, trace on the felts (black and white) and cut it.

Glue the eyes and create a smile and blushes on the cheeks using black and pink thread, respectively. For the smile, I used straight stitches while for the blushes I used satin stitches.

If you are done with the face, you can start sewing the head with blanket stitches. Then, leave a space for filling the toy stuffing inside and close the seam.

Sew the body with blanket stitches. Then, if you’re done, sew the body and head together with ladder or invisible stitches. You should do it on the front and back to make sure it is attached well.

Sew the belly and hands with blanket stitches on the body directly.

Lastly, sew the feet on the back of the frog’s body with blanket stitches directly. Aaaand… The frog is done!

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