DIY Elephant Plush

Through trial and error, I am very excited to share my new sewing pattern to make an elephant plush. It’s incredibly cute and adorable! You can make it for your own doll collections, give to someone you love, give your little daughter a little sweet gift, or even sell it online ( please read the Privacy Policy in the Copyright section for commercial use).

elephant plush

The finished elephant plush is approximately 4.7 inch when standing up. Please resize the pattern as you wish if you want to make bigger plush than the original size I made. The skill level is opened for anyone but recommended for those who are familiar with basic sewing skills. The only stitches I used throughout the process are back, ladder and running stitches. These stitches can be learnt on Youtube, it’s very easy.

Elephant plush

The pattern can be downloaded below. All you need to do is to download, print and cut the pattern. You can access full video tutorial with the written instructions that hopefully will help you to understand better. 

Tools & Materials

  • minky fabric – Turqoise and baby pink (for the front ears)
  • pen
  • sewing thread (Turqoise, baby pink, black)
  • regular sewing needle
  • toy stuffing
  • scissor
  • 6mm ball beads – Black
  • joint discs (shrink plastic + cotter pins)
  • plier
  • blush
  • Clear seed beads (optional)

watch the trailer:

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