DIY Cupcake Earring

Quilling paper is always fun and easy to make. You can make endless creations with this craft. For this tutorial, I will share how to quill the stripes of corrugated paper into cute cupcake earrings. It’s really easy and fun to make. It doesn’t need special materials and really suitable for kids.

This paper is known as Kokoru paper in my country. It is basically similar to regular quilling paper but only the texture is different. These stripes of paper are corrugated and it will add unique texture to your creations. However, you can use regular quilling paper to make this.

I used to work with this craft to make graduation dolls and other paper dolls. With more colors, I believe you can create more variation for your creations.

These cute cupcake earrings are suitable for creating sweeter look on your special day. You can change the colors to match your outfit. Without further do, let’s keep reading to find out the materials you need and how to make these earrings.

Tools & Materials

o   Corrugated quilling papers

o   strong glue

o   scissor

o   earring hooks

o   jump rings (4 pcs)

o   small pink beads (6 pcs)

o   eye pins (4 pcs)

o   plier


Let’s start by cutting the stripe into halves. You will use a half of the stripe for one base of the cupcake.

One stripe is 18.5 x 0.5 inches.

You can start roll the stripe tightly. You can determine the diameter of the base as you want.

If you’re about to reach the end, glue to secure the roll.

With your thumb, gently push it right at the centre to create the base. Then, you can glue the inside of the base to secure it. Let it dry.

While you’re waiting for the base, let’s create the cake. Cut in half the pink stripe with your scissor. Because the cake should be wider than the base, add more stripe (~5.5 inches) to the end of the half stripe you’ve cut before with glue.

Roll and push the cake gently with your finger.

Glue the inside of the cake and repeat the same step to make another cupcake.

Glue the cake and base together and you can add a little heart on the top of the cupcake.

To make it as earrings, glue and insert the eyepin into the cupcake.

Assemble the eyepin and beads with the plier as shown.

Bring it to live by attaching the beads with the hook and the cupcake!

Enjoy the sweetness!

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