DIY Cinderella

Are you a big fan of Disney princess? Is she Cinderella? If yes, I have something special for you, which is a DIY shrink plastic charm. It’s not just a boring and regular charm, it’s one of a kind charm.

The layers of shrink plastic will create a 3D-look of this charm and make it more adorable. It’s super easy to make with the free pattern given to you. This charm can be used for many things such as brooch, fridge magnet, keychain, pendant, and many more. It’s perfect for gifts as well.

Tools and materials

There are two ways to use it:

1. Download and directly print on the printable shrink plastic

2. Download, print on a white paper, trace it on the regular shrink plastic that cannot be printed and color as you like it.

  Shrink plastic (printable is preferable)

o   Sharp scissor

o   Oven

o   Baking paper or silicone mat

o   UV resin

o   Gemstones for embellishment (optional)


 Firstly, download the given pattern above. You can use this pattern as stated above. Mine was colored digitally and printed on the printable shrink plastic.

Then start cutting the pattern with a sharp scissor.

 Place it in the oven, don’t forget to put something like baking paper or silicone mat under the plastic to avoid sticking and other issues.

Note: color the plastic with lighter shades because the color becomes saturated after shrinking!

When every piece has shrunk, let’s assemble them. I used UV resin as a glue to stick each piece together.

Attach the hair, veil, and gloves to the body.

Lastly, attach the hair bun on the back. Then, the Cinderella is ready for the party 😉

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