DIY Carnation Necklace

Hi lovelies! Let’s join me making a lovely and adorable project that you will love it. I believe some of you may or may not know that certain flowers symbolise somebody’s birth. It has a reason why specific flower represents specific month. As of today, I want to start this project with the first month, which is January. 

Carnation is believed to symbolise someone’s birth in January. January is a cold and gloomy month, but in some non-frozen areas, many flowers will bloom beautifully and carnation is one of them. It symbolises admiration, deep love,  and affection. Therefore, this project is perfect for you who wants to make a special gift for someone’s birthday in January. Without further do, let’s make it! 

Tools & Materials

How to use the pattern

  1. download the pattern. it’s in PNG file. You need to have a editing apps like Photoshop to resize the pattern as you like it. 
  2. print it on the printable shrink plastic. If you don’t have the printable ones, you can print the pattern on a plain paper and trace it on the non-printable plastic and paint as you like it. 
  3. It’s a free pattern but it’s for personal use only. (do read the privacy policy for details) 


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