DIY Butterfly

It’s never boring to work with felts. You can create unlimited things with it. Today, I will share one of the adorable creations you can make with felts, which is a butterfly felt plush. You will get the free butterfly felt pattern with the instruction that will guide you to make it.

I usually use the felt plush for many purposes such as baby mobile, keychain, fridge magnet, toy and many more. You can also customize the given pattern for example if you want a fatter body or bigger wings.

So, all you need to do is to download the free pattern below and gather the materials needed to do this DIY project.

Tools and Materials

o    Felts

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Magenta

  • Beige

o    Pins

o    Scissor

o    Sewing needles

o    Matching thread

o    4mm eyes

o    Toy stuffing

o    Blush (optional)


Download, print and cut the pattern.

When each piece is cut, you can secure the it with the pin(s) on the felt and cut it following the pattern. You can also trace it first with the pens and cut it following the lines you created.

For the face, glue it on one piece of the body and created holes using the tip of scissor to insert the eyes.

before inserting the eyes, don’t forget to glue them first.

Start creating a lovely smile on its face using running stitches with black thread and sewing needle.

I also created white lines around the body using running stitches with the white thread.

Then you can start sewing the body with the blanket stitches and stuff it with the polyester or toy stuffing.

When it is done, glue the blue and green felts together creating beautiful wings.

Start sewing the wings with the blanket stitches. You don’t need to stuff it with polyester at this time.

Glue the body and the wings together. I also blushed her cheeks to make it more adorable. This is totally optional.

Voila! your butterfly is ready 🙂

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