DIY Bear Plush

Looking for a fun and easy sewing project? Our bear plush is a perfect choice to brighten your day!

Discover the joy of crafting your very own cuddly bear plush with our delightful and free video tutorial! Unleash your creative prowess and embark on a heartwarming crafting adventure with our step-by-step guide, perfect for both beginners and experienced crafters alike.

Our free bear plush video tutorial offers an enchanting design that captures the essence of lovable bears in all their charm. Whether you’re crafting it as a cherished gift for a loved one or to adorn your own space, this endearing bear plush is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face.


Tools & Materials


⟡ White minky fabric (16.5″ x 9.44″)

⟡ 8 mm black plastic eyes with washers

⟡ Matching sewing thread

⟡ Fiberfill or toy stuffing materials

⟡ Embroidery floss (pink, black)

⟡ Pins

⟡ Scissor

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