DIY Aurora

Let’s turn shrink plastic or shrinky dink into a 3D-look charm. This shrink plastic tutorial is very easy and fun. For this DIY shrink plastic project, I will make Princess Aurora or known as a sleeping beauty. It’s always fascinating to see how a boring sheet of shrink plastic turns into something adorable.

This charm can be used as it is or you can make it as a keychain or fridge magnet. It’s one of a kind gift that you can give to someone especially those who love Disney princess.

It’s also a great activity with your kids. Please do always remember that kids must be under supervision when you do the shrink plastic tutorial.

Without further do, let’s see what materials you need for this shrink plastic DIY.

Tools and materials

There are two ways to use it:

  1. Download and directly print on the printable shrink plastic (color before or after printing as you wish)

  2. Download, print on a white paper, trace on the regular shrink plastic that cannot be printed and color as you like it.

o   Shrink plastic (printable is preferable)

o   Sharp scissor

o   Oven

o   Baking paper or silicone mat

o   UV resin


Cut the given pattern with a sharp scissor.

Put all pieces in the oven.

Once you’re done, you may coat each piece with UV resin. This is optional if you want to achieve glossy look.

Assemble all pieces as shown.

and the Princess Aurora is ready!

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