Tips for Greasy Hair

Tips for Greasy Hair

Oily hair is really frustrating. It feels like we can even cook an egg with the oil on you scalp. Even after washing our hair thoroughly, it still doesn’t feel right. This nuisance may come from external and internal factors. The internal factor that may contribute to our greasy hair is hormone fluctuations. This can incite the oil glands to go into an active overdrive. However, mostly the greasiness is caused by the wrong ways we treat our hair. Here are the top tips we need to know how to manage our greasy hair.

Wash less

Washing your hair frequently may seem right for treating the greasiness but in fact, it makes it even worse. When our hair is so greasy and we wash our hair, we actually degrease the scalp by removing the natural oils. This causes the sebaceous glands in our scalp to produce more sebum protecting our scalp from getting too dry, which can lead to an overproduction of sebum. More sebum means greasier hair. This never-ending cycle will keep making our hair oily. In order to avoid this, wash less. 3 times a week will be a great solution if you get used to wash your hair daily. It will not work instantly in a week, let your body rebalance it for couple weeks.

Try natural remedies

Aloe vera gel, lemon juice and apple cider are known to be best natural remedies for greasy hair.
Aloe vera strips off the excess sebum that cause the greasiness in our hair. It will not make our hair dry and brittle but instead it will soothe our scalp, protect the hair strands and fight the product buildup. Aloe vera alone works perfect but with extra side-kick from lemon juice as a natural astringent, it will create a perfect team for degreasing our scalp.

The apple cider has pH below 3, meaning it is acidic. When properly diluted with warm water, it will create magic effects for our hair. It can remove and control the excess oil from the skin and balance the pH of our scalp, leading to many good and happy hair days. Moreover, the alpha-hydroxy acid in the apple cider will gently exfoliate our scalp and hair, remove the dead skin cells and prevent the build up from sweats and hair products.

Choose the right hair products

The “right” here means to choose hair products such as shampoo and conditioner formulated for oily hair. Because each shampoo has different formulations for different hair types. Stay away from hair products labelled ”smooth and hydrating”, “shiny” or ”anti-frizz” because these contain some ingredients such as argan oil, other type of oils and silicone that will make our hair greasy and weighed down.

Condition your hair properly

Please do not apply conditioner directly on your scalp because it will just make our scalp greasier and if we don’t rinse it properly, the residue will only make our hair dirty, oily and it looks gross. So, it is always better to condition the ends of your hair or last half of your hair length and make sure to rinse it off thoroughly.

Do not touch or comb your hair too often

Your hands carry so much invisible dust and dirt and produce oil. If you let them touch your hair too often, it will stay in your hair and make your grease problem even worse. While brushing or combing your hair too often is also a bad habit because it stimulates the oil glands to produce more sebum and lets the natural oils distributed from scalp to our hair strands. So, in other words, hands off :)! 

The MAGIC of squalane and vitamin C rose oil

The MAGIC of squalane and vitamin C rose oil

I have a combination skin, my T-zone quickly becomes oily in no time. Face oils is something I never ever consider to use on my skin. I’ve been skeptical about the term of “oils” that I thought it would make my skin oilier and clog my pores. Therefore, I am really selective with the skin products I use.

I have used several mosturizers and other face oils that are supposed to be good and safe for my combination skin but it’s hard to find the right one. Most of the products I use caused unnecessary breakouts that I hate it very much. I was then introduced to Biossance’s Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. The reasons why I am interested at this product are because the squalane that mimics the skin’s natural oils and vitamin C that helps brightening the dull skin. I thought these two ingredients would be perfect for my skin that also needs a radiance. 

I have been using it for months and it has been amazing. For your information, it is not a sponsored post but an honest review. There are several benefits I would love to share with you.

It hydrates for a long time.

I usually apply this product at night and it lasts until I wake up in the morning in the full air-conditioned room. I can still feel my skin hydrated, soft and plump. With other mosturizer, it only lasts for few hours. For my combination skin, it treats the dry area on my face quite well and it doesn’t make any greasy feel especially on my T-zone that is usually quite oily. I believe the squalane oil contained in this product contribute to a great and deep mosturizing effect on my face because it can penetrate the skin deeper due to a small molecular size of this amazing oil.
So, for those who struggle finding a long-lasting mosturizer, you should try this! It’s great for any type of skin.

It makes my face dewy and glowing

Before purchasing this product, I read some reviews that excite me even more to get this holy grail product. Most of the reviewers said that their skin got brighter and it makes their face glowing. Indeed, it’s true! After applying this product at night, I can feel my skin instantly glowing and dewy in the morning. The nice glow and radiance come from the vitamin C rose oil contained in this face oil. This oil also could slightly fade my dark spots and even out my skin tone.

It has a pleasant smell

If you are sensitive to scent, this oil is perfect because it has a very mild rose scent that is very refreshing, calm and amazing.

So far, these are the best 3 benefits I got from Biossance’s Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. I only apply this product at night because I think it’s a proper time to let it work. During the day, I sweat a lot because I live in tropical weather and I hate the feeling of using face oil and sweating. It feels gross. But, in winter season, I think this product will be perfect to use during the day and night.

Some may use this product after or before using a mosturizer and some also replace their mosturizer with this face oil. It all depends on how your face responds. I myself do not use any other mosturizer when I use this face oil because I feel it is a bit too much for my skin. Moreover, I find enough benefits from this face oil as a mosturizer as well.

Biossance’s Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil comes with a tiny and cute bottle. For a tiny bottle, I should say it is quite pricey. It costs around $89 but I think it is worth the benefits you will get from. This is definitely my holy grail product and will repurchase anytime. So, for those of you who seek for a lightweight oil that can hydrate, brighten and nourish your skin, you should try this face oil! The power of squalane and vitamin C rose oil are massively amazing.



4 Best DIY Masks for Your Skin

4 Best DIY Masks for Your Skin

Whether it’s rough, dry, oily and dry, we all have run into these skin issues from time to time. Poor diet, bad habit, climate change, sun exposure and even stress can be the culprits that cause these problems. If you have no time to go to your local spa to get treated, there are things you can do at home to replenish your skin.

Below, I’ve compiled 4 best DIY masks made of everyday ingredients you can easily find in your pantry. These masks are perfect for your skin problems! Let’s find out the best mask for your need 🙂

Milk and honey mask

These two ingredients create a perfect mask to get smoother skin. Milk contains lactic acid, a type of hydroxy acid that breaks down the dead cells and improves the skin appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It keeps the skin smooth and firm. While honey preserves moisture in skin cells that will keep your skin soft and moisturized. It also has antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria causing acnes. The combination of these two natural ingredients has a lot to offer to your rough skin.

Aloe vera and turmeric mask
Aloe vera is a natural antioxidant that reverses the oxidative damage. This will reduce the dullness and glow your skin naturally. It also can effectively lighten dark spots, hyperpigmentation and other skin blemishes. The benefit of aloe vera will be doubled as it is combined together with the turmeric because it brightens up the complexion and even out the skin tone. Ladies, if you wish to have radiant and glowing skin, try this homemade mask!

Avocado and honey mask

For those who have dry skin, grab your avocado and honey together! It’s a natural and easy treatment that works wonderfully. Avocado contains natural oils that can penetrate deep into the skin, helping to soften and hydrate your dry and flaky skin. Honey is a natural humectant that has ability to hold onto water, hydrating your skin without creating oily feel. Therefore, the combination of these ingredients will create a magic for your dry skin.

Banana, lemon and honey mask
If your problem is super oily skin, you can create this magical homemade mask with super easy-to-find ingredients such as banana, lemon and honey. Banana acts as a great exfoliator that helps to control the excess sebum on the skin’s surface. At the same time, potassium in banana will moisturize and hydrate the skin. While for the lemon, it contains citric acid that will neutralize and control the oil secretion from the skin. Lastly, the addition of honey restores the moisture balance of the skin and helps in the pimple reduction.